Panza Okinawa provides two activities, MegaZIP and Go FALL.
A number of risks are inherent to “Panza” activites. It may lead to serious accidents unless
you follow the Safety Rules and Instructions. Please read and understand the Safety Rules and
Instructions below.
Conditions of Participation :
Min Weight 25 kg (55 lbs.) 
Max Weight 130 kg (286 lbs.)
Person under 18 years old must have consent and signature(s) of his/her parent(s) or legal guardian(s) on this Participation Agreement to participate in the activities. Activities may be cancelled depending on the weather condition Person who is pregnant, under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not allowed to participate in the activities. Participants are not allowed to wear high heels. Also, scarves and accessories, sharp or long objects must be removed before participating in the activities. (Staff may check your belongings) You are responsible for your own personal property. Participant must follow instructions. PANZA will not be responsible for any kind of injuries, damages or loss of personal belongings when rules and instructions are not obeyed.
○Follow Staff instruction As for your safety reason, you may not participate unless following staff instructions or safety rules. Participation fee is not refundable on this case.
○Person who is pregnat, or is influence of alcohol, or has heart disease. For those above are not able to participate the PANZA activities.
○Dress Code Participants are allowed to wear swimsuits but due to wearing harness, the belt may rub the skin or may displace swimsuits. Participants should also take off sandals or any footwear that are easy to escape before the participation in the activities.
○Participation fee Participation fee is not refundable under the participant`s cancelation.
○Safety Equipment Participants are not allowed to smoke or go to restroom in harness.
※About photo taking Staff may ask participants for permission taking his/her flying photos before activities. Photos and videos may be used for our promotions on websites or printed media. These photos and videos may be provided at any other media without permission. Please ask staff member if you have any questions.